Satan's Little Cunt.

Hello, I'm Kens.
19 Years Young, from the almighty Canada.
Obsessions are gore, horror, books, movies, music, heavy metal, tattoos, piercings, human anatomy, Tumblr and food.

I am a blog full of porn, gore, bands, suicide, self harm, tattoos, piercings and pro-choice.
I am not here to be your punching bag or to rag on for what I post.
If you don't like it simply unfollow me and carry on with your life.

Ask me anything I'm more then happy to help.
If you need someone to talk to about wanting to end your life or to harm yourself message me, I've been struggling with both for over 13 years.
I know my stuff now and have been clean for months and I want to help others do the same.
I'm an atheist so don't try to bitch at me about God cause I'll laugh at you.

You are all beautiful in your own ways.
Treat others the way you would like them to treat you.
I'm with the most handsome faggot you have ever seen, and he is my faggot.

Love, Kens.

My baby girl only 39 hours old can already understand what her mummy is saying and can do it perfectly.

She is definitely her mums daughter.♡

My beautiful little girl. 
Stellayna Willo Rose.
8lbs 8oz
September 16th, 2014
My baby sister sings this song a lot so I thought I’d give it a full listen too.

While watching the video their license plate caught my eye…

Maybe Iggy is about that life.xD

#Attila #Fancy #aboutthatlife #IggyAzalea @fronz1lla
Waking up without you it doesn’t feel right,
To sleep with only memories it’s harder every night,
Sometimes I think I can feel you breathing on my neck.

Tonight I’m reaching out to the stars,
I think that he owes me a favor.
It doesn’t matter where you are,
I’ll hold you again.

#piercings #framinghanley #aloneinthisbed # movingon #pregnancyhormones #anxiousmum #cheesypeople
Over a year with this amazing man, and in two days we will have our gorgeous daughter in our arms.
Fingers crossed for her to be born on her due date.♥♡

#littlefamily #expectingparents #proudmum #prouddad #excited

My little piglet has the hiccups.
#proudmum #sillybaby #love #pregnancy #babyhiccups

A little thumper in my tummy and on my shirt. ♡
My beautiful daughter sticking out her tongue during our hospital stay.
4 weeks left.(or sooner if you keep up the contractions)
5lbs 7oz already.♡
Four days were spent in the hospital under watch for preterm labour with my gorgeous little piglet who is not wanting to come out, but is having fun with making me be under watch.
Only a few more weeks until your due date, but how you are acting makes me think I’ll be holding you any day now.♡

liking those scales.



liking those scales.